Made For Adsense Sites (MFA)

iCal Icon BlueYou may have noticed that on the internet there is a lot of sites which seen to just have random content and Adsense adverts. These are called Made For Adsense Sites (MFA).

For example these sites generate content usually from RSS feeds, feed them onto a page. Then use Adsense to profit from people clicking on the sites. Google has recently changed the TOS so that you cannot do this. Many accounts are going to be closed as of June 1st.

This brings relief to publishers of Adsense as they don't have to worry about rubbish adverts appearing which link to these type of sites.

Many owners of these types of site would use a package like this. That enables them to make websites easily and quickly. That type of package which is also good for creating initial sites will hopefully bring and end to Adverts that appear which pay little and lead people to sites that are of no interest.

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Anonymous said...

The best way to get a higher ecpm is to have only 1 or two adsense for content ads because more content ads deterialates the ecpm. Also i suggest using jitbit macro recorder to make a macro for clicking and refreshing the page. I know thats what helps.