Common Mistakes That Violate Adsense TOS

iCal Blue icon June 5th 2007This post is a general round up of Common Mistakes that Violate Google's Terms And Coniditions.

1) Clicking on your own ad's.
- I've told you this many of times, don't click on your own Adverts.

2) Don't adversely change the Google Adsense code.
- This includes making it so the ads open in a new window, most of the time the code will stop working and violate the TOS.

3) Don't place more adverts than you are allowed.
- This violates the TOS again, most of the time Google will automatically remove the ads if there are too many.

4) Do not disclose your CTR or CPM
- These are confidential and should not be shared with other people.

5) Don't label ads other and Sponsored Links or Advertisements.

6) Don't launch ads in a new windows.
- Similar to #2, don't make them open in windows, it is against the TOS.

7) Having more than one account.
- You have 10 websites but you only need 1 account, never have more than one account. Google will find out. Every time you add your code to a website, the engine will pick up and automatically add your earning to your account.

8) Only place adds on content pages.
- Advertisers pay for ads on content pages. Don't put ads on none content pages, you will be out of the pages.

9) Don't mask ads.
- Never cover parts of the ad. Its against the rules and you will out of the program faster than you can say PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS (lung disease, 45 letters)

10) Don't put your ads anywhere other than on a website.
- E-mails, programs. You don't want impressions from these sources. Don't do it.

11) Avoid keyword stuffing.
- This means stuffing pages full of words just to get adverts. Doesn't work against the rules.

12) Don't put ads adjacent to images.
- Putting ads next to images can confuse users and result in invalid clicks.

Hopefully these tips will help you in avoiding breaking the TOS of Google Adsense.

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