Easy To Use Webmaster Tools

I've been searching the web and found a couple of tools which you can use to help out your website and as a result try to get a better position in Google and hopefully improve you Google Adsense improvements.

Page Rank Prediction

It does what it says on the tin. Predicts your page rank. A good tool if you ever need to to work out your page rank when Google next updates there PR database. You can check out the website here.

Website Grader

Probably one of the best tools on the internet at the moment. A general all round tool that checks all aspects of your site. Click the image below of the full version.

Website Grader
This website, checks your page rank, Alexa rank, Inbound links and indexed webpages. As well as offering general information about your website. A must.


Ping OAtA rather cool little website, that "pings" loads of websites that you blog has been updated. A good my to let other people no that your website has been updated.

Hopefully all these websites are usefully because they defiantly helped me.

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