Do's and Don't of Adsense

ical iconHey here are more does and don't of Adsense.


  • Don't strive to be an Adsense Expert for the sake of being an Adsense Expert. When you're making enough money to live on comfortably to give you the lifestyle you believe you deserve, then you can be an expert who writes e-books, talks at seminars or publishes their methods. Until then we're all learning. But that doesn't mean we can't learn from each other.
  • Don't cheat. Don't try and cheat Google, they'll catch you. If you think you can, then go ahead. The result will be one less Adsense Publisher for me to compete with to get hold of advertisers dollars.
  • Don't label your Ads with anything other than "sponsored links" or "advertisements."
  • Don't tell friends or families about your website, because they may be more than generous with there clicks.
  • Make a site which you love, and care about. The content will always be better and you will attract more visitors.
  • Look around at forums about Adsense. A particularly good site is Digital Point. One of my favourite.
  • Ask questions, even if they make you feel like a noob at the program. No one gets anywhere if you don't ask questions.
  • Be patient. Earning wont come over night.

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