Adsense Websites

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I've found a cool product while searching the web. Its and ebook/package that offers hundreds of websites which you can use for Adsense. These are great if you need a helping hand at getting started with Adsense.

You can find the package here.

Do's and Don't of Adsense

ical iconHey here are more does and don't of Adsense.


  • Don't strive to be an Adsense Expert for the sake of being an Adsense Expert. When you're making enough money to live on comfortably to give you the lifestyle you believe you deserve, then you can be an expert who writes e-books, talks at seminars or publishes their methods. Until then we're all learning. But that doesn't mean we can't learn from each other.
  • Don't cheat. Don't try and cheat Google, they'll catch you. If you think you can, then go ahead. The result will be one less Adsense Publisher for me to compete with to get hold of advertisers dollars.
  • Don't label your Ads with anything other than "sponsored links" or "advertisements."
  • Don't tell friends or families about your website, because they may be more than generous with there clicks.
  • Make a site which you love, and care about. The content will always be better and you will attract more visitors.
  • Look around at forums about Adsense. A particularly good site is Digital Point. One of my favourite.
  • Ask questions, even if they make you feel like a noob at the program. No one gets anywhere if you don't ask questions.
  • Be patient. Earning wont come over night.

The Best Place To Put Adsense On Blogs

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There are many places to put Google Adsense Adverts, personally I think there is only one good place to put Adsense on blogs.

Best place to put adsense on blogsThe image shows a suitable heat map of where Adsense should go. The yellow represents content including the banner at the top. The green on the right is the navigational menus.

The red represents the ad formats. The long on at the top is the main banner, with the red square as a rectangular advert. The blue represent text links.

The reason this is on of the best, is that adverts continue down the page. With lots of content, adverts will mingle in and will help with your conversion ratio and earnings.

Adsense Now Allows 3 Link Units

iCal iconThere has recently been a change in the Google Adsense Terms and Conditions.

You are now allowed to have s link units on a page. As a result you can have up to 6 ad units in total (3 Ad + 3 Link)

Some uses of the new ads include been able to add link units in small spaces, such as the bottom of the page, in corners, or columns, hopefully these new units will bring in more revenue.

Do's and Don'ts Monday

Its that time again for Do's and Don'ts Monday to help you get the best out of Adsense.


  • Spam you website, hoping to get clicks.
  • Puts ads in areas where accidental clicks are possible
  • Confuse users with your Adsense code.
  • Generate illegal impressions
  • Generate illegal clicks.
  • Focus on getting valid clicks
  • Be creative with your colours
  • Suitably blend
  • Adhere to the rules
Hopefully these rules will help you with your Adsense account.

Easy To Use Webmaster Tools

I've been searching the web and found a couple of tools which you can use to help out your website and as a result try to get a better position in Google and hopefully improve you Google Adsense improvements.

Page Rank Prediction

It does what it says on the tin. Predicts your page rank. A good tool if you ever need to to work out your page rank when Google next updates there PR database. You can check out the website here.

Website Grader

Probably one of the best tools on the internet at the moment. A general all round tool that checks all aspects of your site. Click the image below of the full version.

Website Grader
This website, checks your page rank, Alexa rank, Inbound links and indexed webpages. As well as offering general information about your website. A must.


Ping OAtA rather cool little website, that "pings" loads of websites that you blog has been updated. A good my to let other people no that your website has been updated.

Hopefully all these websites are usefully because they defiantly helped me.

Made For Adsense Sites (MFA)

iCal Icon BlueYou may have noticed that on the internet there is a lot of sites which seen to just have random content and Adsense adverts. These are called Made For Adsense Sites (MFA).

For example these sites generate content usually from RSS feeds, feed them onto a page. Then use Adsense to profit from people clicking on the sites. Google has recently changed the TOS so that you cannot do this. Many accounts are going to be closed as of June 1st.

This brings relief to publishers of Adsense as they don't have to worry about rubbish adverts appearing which link to these type of sites.

Many owners of these types of site would use a package like this. That enables them to make websites easily and quickly. That type of package which is also good for creating initial sites will hopefully bring and end to Adverts that appear which pay little and lead people to sites that are of no interest.