Creating A Good "Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up" Page

iCAl blue iconYou may or may not notice that under adverts there are links to advertise on your site. These are used, mainly by Google, to draw people in to the Adwords program. But used effectively can bring additional revenue as people want to spend advertising on your site.

Adsene Onsite Advertiser Sign-UpSetting up a good page is easy. In your Google Adsense account, go My Account > Onsite Advertiser Sign Up
Adsense Onsite Advertiser Sign-UpBy clicking edit what you want is a page that blends nicely into you existing color scheme, or if you have many websites a general color scheme.

The option that Google gives you are plenty full. For example you can change all the link colors, background colors and the advertiser message.

Adsense Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up
For the message I recommend keeping the default message but changing a couple of keywords to make it more personal to you. For example the name of your website, your names etc.

Experiment and try to make the best out of a single page. Heres mine which I created.

Adsense Onsite Advertiser Sign-UpHopefully this tip has helped you create a better looking page that will help advertisers advertise on your site.

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