Utilising Adsense Link Units

Adsense link units are a really good money maker. I am going to share with you tips to making more profit. As you are only allowed one link unit per page, you are going to have to make it count.

For example link units are best placed were a lot of your links are already contained. The sidebar, at the bottom of a post. The placing of a link unit is important because only one or two words advertise what the advert is about. Putting a link unit in a low traffic area of your site is a waste of time.

Colour is also important. The best link colour is blue. All links on the Internet are blue so should yours. There is no need to reinvent the wheel are confuse your visitors. as well as this also make sure the background and boarder watch your sites background, they want to blend seamlessly.

Different link units work best it different positions. The long and thin units work best at the top and bottom of the page. The box link units look best either in the side bar or directly below your content. As if they were originally part of your website.
There is an option on how many links per unit. If there is small text as the main font on your page use five links, the ad size will blend better. If you have normal text size like mine then stick with four links per unit.

One tip, don't blend your ads so much into your site that a visitor cannot distinguish the ads from your content. This is against Google TOS. Don't risk it.

Finally use the competitive adverts filter within Google Adsense account settings to weed out adverts that are not relevant. Having adverts that don't relate to your content will not get many clicks. Use it to your advantage.

The best thing to do is make a channel for your links unit and experiment what position makes you the most money. Have fun.

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