Using Google To Get Higher Paying Adverts

When you use Adsense for the first time, or any time, on a new website you will start receiving generic adverts that do not pay a great deal. Although these adverts do pay. You could earn more by adding in higher paying Adwords terms into the content of your page.

By using the Google Adwords tool located here. You can search for words that will bring in high paying adverts. For example by putting in a generic word such as "Adsense" and then putting in the highest CPC (Cost Per Click) value. The highest paying advert search terms will appear.

Google Adsense AdwordsClick for Full Size
This produces result that show how much some companies are willing to pay.

Google Adsense Adwords
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All you have to do now is tailor your content to match the high paying Adwords results.

Now this tool was designed by Google so people can find how much people are paying for the Google Adwords prices. But it can be tailored to suit. As well as this the adverts you will get do not all pay £20+ per click, because Google takes a slice and the high paying keywords do not appear that often. But it always worth a try.

If you would like to try eithier Adwords or Adsense please use the buttons located in the right hand column.

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