Do's And Do Nots of Adsense - Monday

Every Monday I am going to post a couple a Do's And Do Not's of Adsense. These will range from the obvious to the not so obvious. Each one will enable you to get the most out of your advertisements a Adsense program.

Do Not

  • Click on your own Ads. Google knows its the all seeing all knowing about what people are doing with there advertisements.
  • Have a high CTR. This is another sign of invalid and fraudulent clicks.
  • Say "Click My Ads" against the Terms of Service, as well as pushes up advertiser costs. (This is Bad)
  • Place adverts in low key areas. The bottom of the page, for example.

  • Optimise. Change yours Adsense adverts around find the highest paying positions.
  • Use Link Ads. Surprisingly high paying if you have relevant ads.
  • Write good content which can bring high paying ads.
  • Use either contrasting or complementing colours. More this topic later.
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