Accidental Clicks

Once in a while you may click on your adverts which are being served on your website. An according to Google's terms of service you are not allowed to click on your own adverts.

Now this is not so much of a problem as Google can sort out which adverts are being clicked on legitimately and being clicked on illegitimately. Now Google have announced that if you accidentally click on your own adverts you wont be penalized to badly. Although they wont credit your account with the cash. This is not a problem if it doesn't happen that often. But it can be if this happens frequently.

Every time you click on your own advert a little red flag will be added to your account. Gain to many red flags and they will close your account. All in all don't click on your own adverts.

This article is to serve as a reminder to make sure that your Google Adsense account wont get closed.

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